Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Access most-read articles from The Journal of Entrepreneurship

Access most-read articles from The Journal of Entrepreneurship— FREE for a limited time

3.         Using Interactive Management to Identify, Rank and Model Entrepreneurial Competencies as Universities’ Entrepreneurship Curricula by Morteza Rezaei-Zadeh, Michael Hogan, John O’Reilly, Brendan Cleary, and Eamonn Murphy
4.         Exploring Stewardship as an Antecedent Behavioural Trait of Social Entrepreneurs byShubhabrata Basu and Anita Sharma
7.         Earnings of Immigrants: Does Entrepreneurship Matter? by Nahikari Irastorza and Iñaki Peña

8.         Entrepreneur Selection Methodology for Entrepreneurship Promotion Programmes by Susana C Santos and António Caetano