Plagiarism Tool: URKUND


As per Assam university MPhil/PhD regulation 2017, the central library is authorised to check the Plagiarism of the manuscripts and uploading the thesis in the Shodhganga Portal. For this purpose, the Central Library has formulated the steps for smooth functioning of the system [download office order]....

  1. The thesis should be mailed by concerned guide from his/her email id to only. The guide must activate his/her own URKUND ID for this purpose.
  2. The full manuscript must be in a single pdf file.
  3. The manuscript should skip the preliminary pages & reference section (marked RED at last of this page)for checking.
  4. The verified report from URKUND will be forwarded to the concerned guide's mail id from which he/she has sent the report. It takes generally 2-3 days.
  5. If the similarity report is above prescribed limit of AUS, then it need to be edited and resubmitted.
  6. if the report is fine, then the scholars should apply to Librarian through HoD for issuing of Plagiarism Test Certificate. 
  7. First page of similarity report along with the prescribed formats  ( Form 11G & Form 11H in AUS PhD Regulation 2017, typed in bold capital letters) properly signed by Guide and scholar should be submitted to Librarian office. (click to download 11G 11H here)
  8. The manuscript will be invariably by checked by the library even if it has already been checked by the guide earlier.
  9. After checking all documents, the library will issue a Plagiarism Check Certificate for similarity index as per AUS MPhil/ Phd Regulation.
  10. The checking process needs time as the manuscript is checked online. So, the scholars are advised to submit the thesis at least 3 working days before the plagiarism check certificate to be issued by the Library.
  11. The final/Complete thesis (after plagiarism certified) to be submitted in the non-re-writable CD/DVD to the Library in the following format which will be uploaded in SHODHGANGA after Viva/Award (provided there is no revision suggested). For this purpose, the award letter to be submitted to Central Library immediately.
  12. The final CD should be submitted in the following format (both a & b is mandatory):

a. Full Thesis in pdf in single file (word/pagemaker/coral etc will not be accepted) : Folder A
b. Full thesis in pdf chapter wise as given below : Folder B [file nameing pattern to be followed]

  • 01_Title page
  • 02_Certificate
  • 03_Preliminary Pages
  • 04_Abstract
  • 05_Chapter 1,
  • 06_Chapter 2
  • 07_Chapter 3
  • 08_Cahpter 4, 5 (upto last chapter)
  • 11_Reference [ the term Bibliography is also used some time]
  • 12_Annexure I 
  • 13_Annexure II  
  • 14_Annexure III etc.

For any clarification the scholar/guide may consult the Librarian/Information Scientist.

[Those who are interested in organizing a lecture on "Plagiarism and Research Ethics" may submit their request to the librarian at mail id]